Financing your construction or building project with cash flow only when you need it. Get in touch today to discuss it further.

Construction Loans mean Cash Flow when you need it.

If you are a property developer, or looking to build either a commercial or residential home from the ground up, you need a construction loan.

You have unique requirements when building from scratch.  You need to draw down (take money from) on the loan in increments based upon the stage of your build.  As one stage is completed you can access funds for the next stage.

This is to your advantage as your construction loan will usually be interest only and you will only be paying interest and repayments on the amount you have used at any given time.

Planning how much you require for construction projects requires professional assistance.  And that is where Rubicon Finance comes in.  Construction loans are speciality services which many financial brokers do not commonly do.  Rubicon Finance specialise in these structures.

Apart from the repayment savings, a Construction Loan saves you time.  You can borrow against the full value of the property you are building as if it was complete as opposed to only borrowing against the land for example.  This gives you greater cash flexibility and minimises the risk of your funds running out and you having to get another loan to finish your project.

Additionally, the valuer will be reviewing your property build at each stage so you know the builders work will be checked throughout the process. You can have confidence in the investment.